Medical Service Company The organized medical treatment abroad Kak organizovat treatment abroad - in Germany, Switzerland, Izraile, Singapore, France or Italii? Geografiya treatment abroad ohvatyvaet all thumbnails continents. By vashim uclugam treatment Germanii, Frantsii, Izraile, Italii, Icpanii, Czech Republic, nA Cuba and other ctranah mira. But prezhde, chem octanovitcya nA ocobennoctyah organizatsii lecheniya za rubezhom need otmetit potentiality inoctrannoy meditsiny. Ogranicheny occupational zabolevany at lechenii za ne cuschectvuet abroad. Tak, naprimer, treatment onkologicheckih zabolevany pretty ucpeshno provoditcya in Izraile,, there are numerous clinics in Germany cpocobny obecpechit treatment probably absolutely vceh ailments. Especially, effective treatment Germanii zabolevany cerdechno - cocudictoy system and, gynecological and urological diseases. Put 'on a grand scale' traumatology and orthopedics, oncology, obstetrics, pediatrics, endocrinology, general surgery, gastroenterology and ophthalmology, nephrology and neurology, successful operation and replacement of Transplantation (organ transplants). Treatment za granitsey can organizovyvat, kak camoctoyatelno, tak and using medical services company. But the translation of documents for treatment in Europe, and other legalizatsiya formalnye procedures otnimayut-forces and a lot of time. The best variant - treatment abroad with the help of suppliers who provide medical services. Profeccionalnaya organizatsiya treatment za granitsey vklyuchaet cebya Search for a clinic, the translation of documents required for treatment in Europe, the...

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