Other Executive Education Other Executive Education Programs Executive Transition Program (Executive Transition Program) The Executive Transition Program prepares executives in functional management for the transition to management positions with higher responsibility as general manager. Three modules of two weeks each, participants receive the tools and vision necessary to think and act to expand their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Open Enrollment Programs (Open Application Programs) The Open Enrollment Programs ESMT offer high-level executive education in a short period of time. The learning objective is "high impact". Participants are able to apply the acquired knowledge into action as soon as they return to their companies. Members of ESMT faculty and teachers from around the world lead these courses. Additional programs include those such as German-language dictated by the USW network.Customized Solutions (Specific programs for companies) Through Customized Solutions, focus, offering programs tailored to each company. The training modules are prepared in advance, together with representatives of the company. The teachers are specialized in various industries: Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy, Financial Services and Banking and Life Sciences. The USW Netzwerk seminars delivered in German language at ESMT Campus Schloss Gracht offer executive education for executives at different levels, ranging from seminars for young executives with functional...

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